Learn, Invent and Innovate in Cutting-Edge Degree 项目

你是天生的领导者. 不断学习. 一个问题解决者. You have an inherent curiosity about how things work. You not only welcome challenges — you tackle them head-on. You want a college experience that prioritizes academics, work and 有趣的.

If that sounds like you, set your sights on 正规的赌博app. Our future-forward degree programs will propel you toward your goal, whether that’s building computer systems for self-driving vehicles, 设计救生医疗设备 or preparing for a career in automotive or 技术 law. 加入下一代创新者的行列, inventors and entrepreneurs at an institution known for breaking the boundaries of what’s possible.

Engineer Your Future in an Unparalleled Co-Op Experience

在凯特林, our 合作社 is more than an internship or optional part of your bachelor’s degree. You’ll gain work experience in your area of study from day one, rotating between the classroom and the workplace throughout your entire time at Kettering. Work at leading companies in Michigan and beyond, 比如博世, 福特汽车公司, 通用汽车(General Motors), 雀巢公司美国, 西门子和其他公司.

Step in到 Future: 本科专业 at Kettering

你是否想设计更智能的机器, develop alternative energies or start your medical career, Kettering’s undergraduate programs give you a leg up with 合作社 opportunities and more.


成为你所在领域的专家, learn to lead an engineering team or conduct leading-edge research in award-winning facilities. Kettering’s master’s degrees support your ambitions with rigor and opportunity.

Why Earn Your Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree from Kettering?

Whether you’re coming to Kettering straight from high school or pursuing a master’s degree as a full-time student or as a working professional, Kettering’s academic programs offer several advantages. 从你的 合作社实验室 to 学生比赛, you’ll be challenged to apply theoretical concepts to real-world contexts at every step.

Here's what else sets Kettering’s academic programs apart.


今天的职业——无论是在工程领域, 业务, or other fields — require expertise from across disciplines. 在凯特林, you’ll draw on concepts and skills from engineering, 科学, 文科, 业务, 计算机科学, 数学和更多.


Most of our faculty hold the most advanced degrees attainable in their field and are actively working to discover solutions in mobility, 可持续性, 电动汽车系统等领域. Our faculty prioritize creating personal connections with students and opportunities for real-world experiences.


凯特林有一个 悠久的历史 of leading the way in STEM and producing leaders, 工程师, scientists and entrepreneurs through both undergraduate and graduate programs.

繁荣的校园生活: 凯特灵提供 很多连接方式 在学术课程之外, 包括40多个俱乐部和组织, 校内的运动, a vibrant Greek 社区 and numerous volunteer and community service projects.


Fulltime faculty with 89 holding a PhD meaning you are taught by our experts.


Student to faculty ratio in classroom means you are not just a face in the crowd.


State-of-the-art research 实验室s and centers including 流动性研究中心, 碰撞安全, 人工智能 of Things and High Performance Computer Cluster 实验室s.

A National Leader in Academic 项目: Engineering, Computer Science and More







5 Leading 大学 for Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees

Kettering’s degree programs are offered through our committed, ever-evolving colleges. Find academic programs that align with your interests and career path.


Prepares students to help define the future of manufacturing, 运输, 替代能源等. 本科专业, master’s degree program and concentrations include computer systems, 电动汽车, 人工智能, 机械工程和机器人系统.

理学院 & 文科

Strengthens cross-disciplinary development and offers bachelor’s degrees, 辅修和主修计算机科学, 工程物理, 声学, 电脑游戏, 经济学, 法律预科及更多. Master’s degrees include data science and combined bachelor’s and master’s degrees.


Positions students to transform the 业务 world with new technologies, 数据驱动的洞察力和管理策略. Offers combined bachelor’s and master’s degrees, 辅修及工商管理证书, 技术, 分析, 创新创业, 医疗保健管理, 运营管理等.


提供灵活的, online STEM+ master’s degrees and certificates in an asynchronous format — log in, attend class and complete assignments on a schedule that works for you. Online academic programs include master’s degrees in data science and 分析, 精益生产, 运营管理, 供应链管理等等.


Prepares students for a global workplace with a rigorous education in both knowledge and application. Master’s degrees and graduate certificates include 人工智能, 自主车辆, 企业管理与技术, 全球领导地位, 运营管理等.